Tantalus Revisited illustration by BEKI

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Ann Zewen presents

Tantalus Revisited

a retrospective of Classic Star Trek stories
originally published in the Orion Press fanzine Tantalus

This website was created by Ann Zewen and is being hosted in memoriam. These stories are GEN fan fiction, with an emphasis on the emotional relationships between the main characters. -- Hypatia Kosh, 2003.

Site Dedication

Ann Zewen -- In Memoriam
prepared by Randy Landers

Fire in the Lake
written by Ann Zewen

"Fire in the Lake," a Mirror Universe story I wrote in an attempt to answer the question: What would have happened if Kirk and Company hadn't been able to return to their own universe at the conclusion of the events depicted in the episode "Mirror Mirror"? My thanks to BEKi who edited this story, and who provided so much artwork for TANTALUS.

A Minor Irritation
written by Holly Trueblood

Mister Spock learns that there are some itches you shouldn't scratch . . .

Skin Deep
written by Holly Trueblood

A follow-up to "Enterprise Incident," in which Jim Kirk is forced to consider the possibility of life without his celebrated good looks.

End Game
written by Mary Rottler and Lynn Syck

A look at the ramifications -- physical, emotional and political -- of the events in "Amok Time."

written by Laurel Ridener, Mary Rottler and Lynn Syck

Jim Kirk and Leonard McCoy face the long night on Rura Penthe, each wrestling with his own demons and his worry about his friend.

Not Light But Warmth
written by Mary Rottler and Lynn Syck

A look at the aftermath of the "Journey to Babel" -- McCoy has done his medical magic. Sarek will live, as will Kirk, and all's right with their world. Or is it? Can a Vulcan first officer live with the fact that his captain risked life and his ship just to save the life of his friend's father? And can that captain live without his friend by his side?

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