In Memory of Ann Zewen

a gentle soul, a hopeless romantic, and a good friend


From Helen Gletsos

I am so sorry to hear this sad news. I fondly remember many long talks at Shore Leave with Ann and I considered her a good friend too. I missed her this year. If there is anywhere I can send a memorial donation and express my condolences, please let me know.

I'm sure the family can be contacted through Serenity Funeral Home, 8691 Old Pascagoula Road, Mobile, AL 36582   (251-653-4781). -- Randy

From Donna Ramos

I'm stunned. While I didn't have the pleasure to know Ann personally, she certainly touched my life through her stories and brief email exchanges. Such a loss.

From Carol Kummer

I am so sorry to hear about Ann; I met her a couple of times at Shore Leave in Baltimore, and she was instrumental in getting me to send my stories to Orion Press.  I respected her opinion, and your zines, so much, even more so having met someone "behind the scenes" like Ann.  Let me know if there is any memorial foundation to which contributions might be sent. Thanks.

The family has asked that they be sent to the First United Methodist Church of Bayou La Batre, 12700 Padgett Switch Road, Irvington, AL 36544. I think she'd like that. - Randy

From Gill Marsden

I am so sorry to hear of Ann's death.  I never met her or worked with her at Orion Press, but she was a familiar and constant name to me in fandom, and I did feel I "knew" her through her work. Ann's family and friends are in my thoughts at this time.

From Joanne K. Seward

I'm so sorry. And shocked--was Ann ill? I only met her once, spoke on the phone a few times, but I considered her a friend. Please accept my condolences and pass them on to her family as well. My thoughts are with you and her family...She will very much be missed.

Ann had been hospitalized for internal bleeding and a blood clot in her lungs. She was to have undergone surgery later in the morning when she succumbed from a blood clot in her heart.  - Randy

From Zaquia Tarhuntassa

All I can say is that I am stunned.  While I had lost contact with her after your listserve was closed, I still consider her someone I was deeply honored to know.  She was always a worthy opponent in any discussion and more often than not, an ally, but even when we disagreed, I could count on her her argument being thoughtful and even-handed.   I never remember Ann opting for the cheap-shot, something that is far too common in fandom. 

By horrible co-incidence, she died the same day, plus five years, that my mother did. I always honor my mother's death by evoking a Hittite ritual at sunset.  I will name Ann's name as well, in hopes it speeds her safely to her next life which will, I hope, be a long, happy and healthy one.  Please send my regards to Beki, who must be devastated by this horrible turn of events.

From DES

My condolences to Ann's family. She did wonderful work with IDYLLS and TANTALUS and I really enjoyed reading them. She will definitely be missed.

From Jean Helms

Ann was not only a genius of fic, she was a wonderful human being with a delightful sense of humor, and I was proud to be a co-worker of hers at the Mobile Register, where she worked for 24 years. She was the driving force behind my own forays into fanfic writing in the X Files universe, although she never stopped ribbing me about how I'd "deserted" Trekdom. I still can't believe she's really gone.

From Marge Robles

Condolences to Ann's family.  Her contributions to fandom certainly made the experience more enjoyable for me. She was a good person and she will be missed.   We're better for having known her.

From Rabble Rouser

I'm so sorry to hear this. I only exchanged a couple of emails with her once, about one of her lovely stories, "Boy Scout" She was a wonderful writer. My
heart goes out to all who knew her.

From Lisa Evans

Please pass my condolences along to her family. What a tragedy! 

From Anna Perotti

I  join you all in sorrow.

From Jim Ausfahl

I grieve with us all. May she find herself enjoying life among those about whom she has written.

From JMLane/Debby

I had some problems with her some years back, but that was recently resolved--and now all I can say is that my heart goes out to her family, along with my deepest sympathy. RIP, Ann!! Thanx for all your great work. I love the IDYLLS zines.

From Margaret Basta

Ann was one of the finest writers and editors with which I have ever had the privilege of working. She will be missed.

From Valerie Ellis

As another co-worker at the Register and fellow Trek fic enthusiast and Shore Leave companion who will always cherish Ann's friendship, mentoring, fine mind and vibrant presence, I'm  heartbroken at her loss. Her desk is right next to mine, and it was painful to go to work today and see it empty, with all the  items that reflected her personality bereft of their owner. She'll be sorely missed by all the hearts she touched.

From Rob Morris

Whether in real life or when writing of a fictional funeral such as Orion Press characters have seen too many of, and certainly Ann wrote a few of those, I always think of the simple words : There Are No Words. Because there aren't. Or rather, there are none able to undo the grief.

For Ann, those words came well before this loss. Under her guidance, those words made Sam Kirk more than just Shatner lying still on the floor with graying hair and a moustache. By her hand and the heart she put in them, those words brought Carol Marcus's unfortunate decision to exclude her child's father from his life out of the realm of shrillness and petty coveting to a much more comprehensible, very human failing.

In many respects, she was the ideal wordsmith for the practice of keeping to screen canon while writing fanfic. Despite knowing that Sam will die, that Carol will allow panic to color her choice, or that the Orions are totally vile, under Ann's skill, when we arrive at where we knew we would, it still seems like the only way it could have gone. The path and not the goal is a good writer's target, and Ann hit it true every time. For her loss, there are no words, and there are reams of words, because she wrote them.

From Mary R. Schuttler

Sorry to hear of her passing. She will be greatly missed.

From Rachel

Oh, my goodness. I am so sorry. She was a great writer. You have my condolences.

From Rachel Atkins

I was shocked by the news. She was a very friendly and helpful person. My condolences to her family and friends; she will be missed. She will be remembered in her wonderful stories, and in the hearts and minds of those who knew her.

From Mary Rottler

I just heard tonight about Ann.   I am in shock and cannot imagine how her family must feel. Or Randy. I am so very sorry. She is a tremendous loss to humanity.  She was an incredible influence on me and Lynn Syck as writers and as a friend.  We had many long conversations both at Shoreleave and on the phone.  Ann had a great capacity to love and freely gave her time.  I remember her being so very supportive when I lost my sister so many years ago.  Her sensitivity and understanding taught me how to be a better person through her example.  

As a writer, she was the best in my opinion.   Her characters came alive in her stories, excellent tight writing.  No Cold Wind was a wonderfully plotted story with interesting characters that stay in my mind to this day after all these years.  Because she wrote with such depth of feeling in her stories, I felt that I knew her just a little better through them.

Ann will live on in my mind through her stories, her voice, and her touching examples of how to care for each other.  Beki and Randy, I'm thinking of you both and thank you Beki for finding me and telling me.  

From Gamin Davis

I was fortunate enough to know Ann as a friend, a fellow fan-fic writer and often times a kindred spirit, with whom I agreed more often than not.  We spent a lot of time discussing fandom-related issues, including fan-fic.  I think we respected each others' abilities and views, even when we disagreed. We shared a love of Kirk and Spock as well as zines, and when I first started my Kirk and Spock group, she was an eagerly supportive founding member, contributing as regularly as her job would allow, and I was honored that mine was one of the very few online groups that she made time for. The obit you posted just reinforces my view of her, and we will miss her in KirkSpockFriendsForever as well as in my new zine group.  So again I express my condolences to her family, friends and everyone who knew her.

From Trekkigrrl

I was introduced to Ann's work in the late eighties, and became an instant fan of "Idylls" as a result.  I considered her work beautifully romantic, without ever degrading into sugary fluff.  She will be missed.

From Zaquia Tarhuntassa

I thought Ann might like this.

I'm sure she would, Zaquia. Thanks for thinking of it. -- Randy

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